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Photo by: Subhankar Barai Photography ( <a href="http://www.subhankarbarai.com">http://www.subhankarbarai.com</a>)


Never thought I would photograph people...

Bought my first DSLR in 2010 after some research into which camera should I buy in a decent budget. As it usually happens, the wild expectation was – “now that I have a DSLR camera with manual settings, I can get magazine like photos!”☺ The myth was crushed beyond imagination within the first week, trying to get the photos of my dream in a Disney trip immediately after getting the camera in hand.

Once back at home, I started researching in the internet on why it went all wrong and that just sucked me into the world of photography; imagine the same way characters get sucked into Jumanji game☺. Now here I am photographing weddings and shooting portraits trying to fulfill my creative urge.

When I’m not running across a wedding reception hall, lying on the ground or dipping my legs in a creek to take portraits, I like to hike/camp outdoors or grow perennial flowers in my garden; but I end up doing edits on photos most of the time!

I'm the odd MAN out in the family ☺ with two cuties and the one who supports me in all possible ways to follow my passion. As it probably happens with every photographer, I always get beaten up for not editing my own family photos in time!

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